Best Digital Piano and Keyboard 2020: Reviews

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We will discuss best piano considering its weight, wires etc etc etc etc to help you choose the best piano 20201.

Finding the best digital piano for you is never an easy task. There are a huge amount of great options on the market as each brand makes more and more products to suit different peoples’ needs.

We expect digital pianos to be able to do more than ever, and rightly so! In the modern age, the top digital pianos are not only more realistic to play but they also have a great level of connectivity and technological features that are one of the key benefits of digital pianos, as opposed to acoustic models.

Our digital piano reviews are designed to make the decision of which to buy a lot easier for you. We’ve listed products with price tags running between $1000 and $3000 for this list as we explore some of the more high-end digital pianos available.




If you want to save some money, then you should check out our list of 10 best digital pianos under $1000. We have also reviewed the best digital pianos under $500 and good cheap digital pianos under $300 in the previous articles.

It can be easy to assume that with a $3000 budget the choice is easy, but actually, though you can get plenty of features at this price tag, different digital pianos still have their own pros and cons.


As well as wanting to find the best option for your own needs, finding a digital piano is about finding value. Price and features don’t always correlate perfectly. A digital piano that costs $1000 may well offer you more than one that is $1500.

In this article, we’ve covered the positives and negatives as well as the value for money on offer so that overspending isn’t a risk. You should be able to buy the best digital piano for the money you have available with a little bit of research.

Many of the products on our list are the best digital pianos for advanced pianists rather than for beginners, as those getting started with the hobby can check another one of our guides for info on best starter digital pianos.

Best Digital Piano 2020 List

S.No. Product Brand Our Score Price
1 Yamaha YDP-184 Yamaha 4.9/5
2 Yamaha CP40 Yamaha 4.8/5
3 Korg LP-380 Korg 4.6/5
4 Roland F-140R Roland 4.4/5
5 Casio PX-560 Casio 4.1/5

Casio PX-560

If Yamaha has the biggest range of digital pianos on the market, Casio must be hot on their heels. Many of us know Casio from their range of keyboards, which have ranged from smaller, novelty models we may have played with as kids, to excellent keyboards for pros.

Their piano range is excellent too, and the Privia PX-560 is an example of a digital piano that is both powerful and portable. So, what makes the PX-560 so special? This is undeniably one of the best portable digital piano options we’ve come across.

When it comes to piano sounds, it does a wonderful job of creating a sound and feel that is reminiscent of a classical piano. The sounds are well-sampled from classical pianos, but this is enhanced by the acoustic resonator which gives an ‘air’ feeling to the piano sound, just like if it were coming from a resonant chamber such as a piano.

The tri-sensor hammer action is among the best weighted actions out there. It is graded so the hammer feel and hardness follows the pitch of the keys, just like playing a real acoustic piano.

  • Light Weight
  • Great for stage use
  • Good for Practice Session
  • Not good for experts

Final Verdict: It is also one of the lightest digital pianos on the market, making it great for stage use or taking to practice sessions.

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